What Happened to Furniture Choices?

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

The one thing that we hear the most when working with our clients (and hanging out with friends), is that there is a lot of frustration with consumers who have been holed up in their house for the last 2 years and are now ready to upgrade their home furnishings, but there is not a lot of choice out there in the market.

The freight disruption has had an enormous impact on what is available on the market. International shipping expenses have increased dramatically over the last couple of years, and there is still an ongoing shortage of truck drivers here in the United States - so just about every vendor is experiencing some sort of shortage of goods they can provide to the public.

We have gone through our list of vendors and identified furnishings that are in stock (as of December 2021). The availability of the items are identified with the picture, so if something is now out of stock, it will show an estimated time for new inventory to arrive.

I will be going through each collection every month to remove those items that are out of stock and add in any new arrivals. This is a tedious process, but I wanted to do something to curate a list of furnishings that are at least currently available.

You can access these new collections by going to the HOME page and selecting IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION or click here.

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