Time To Up Your Home Office Game

After nearly 2 years of people being cooped up at home, continuing to work remotely (and maybe it has already transitioned to permanent for you), I still see a lot of room for improvement when taking on Zoom meetings with clients and friends.

It's just human nature to scan around another person's background when on a video conference call. The biggest faux pas? Blank walls and unkept messes behind you...

We all have messes, and everyone understands that no one lives in a pristine environment, especially at home. It's time that we all take a collective big breath and exhale...and focus on taking on 2022 with new vigor and determination.

That should start with a cold, hard look at your home office setup. Are you still using an old desk you have had since college? Or worse, are you sitting at your dining table because that's the space with the most area you can spread out on?

Get a fresh start by doing a few simple steps to invest in the space that you may be calling a home-away-while-at-home for the foreseeable future.

STEP 1: Invest in a new desk.

We have combed through our vendor inventory to identify desks that are available now and in stock. Depending on how much style/budget you have, there is a desk for everyone in this collection. And we are now offering AFFIRM at checkout so that you can spread the payments over 12 months for 0% interest!

STEP 2: Upgrade your chair.

Just as it was at your office, you spend a lot of time during the day sitting at your desk at home. Your back, neck, and legs will thank you for making the effort to identify an office chair that works for your body frame, while still giving you the mental break between "I'm sitting on a dining room chair" to "Ah, this is my comfy office chair". As with the desk, we went through our vendors to identify office chairs that are in stock and available. You can check them out by clicking here.

STEP 3: Bring in your personality.

And likely the single most important item on this list is to break free from the boring, Soviet-era bland environment you currently have for an office space. Even if you are in a small room in your house or apartment, think about painting it a different color, something that will lighten your mood as soon as you walk in. Bring in more art, and live plants - particularly if the plants are simple to care for and do not require a lot of attention.

More tips are coming in future blog posts about the size of artwork that works best for different spaces. And we will also cover other tidbits, like lighting and furniture placement.

Just please stop sitting in front of blank walls (that we can all see needs to be repainted), or leaving a pile of laundry on your couch along with debris from the night before piled up on your coffee table. Spend the 10 minutes picking up the debris and throwing your pile of laundry out of site of your camera.

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